You Don't Hate Women, You Hate Capitalism

Part 2 of an incel critique

Part 1 here, for the intro to incels.

A Boy and His Phallus

Blogger (Is that the right title? Idk) Adrian Johnston is summarizing a statement made by French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan. Infamously, Lacan is quoted as saying;

“la femme n'existe pas”

-Jacques Lacan

Incels would do well to take Lacan’s statement to heart. For those that don’t speak French, he said “Women don’t exist” or something close to that, I haven’t practiced French in a meaningful way since the 9th grade.

On the incel wiki page for narcissism, the incels make note of two authors. Kierkegaard and Orwell, who mention that women are by far the more selfish of the sexes. Further stating that many academics hold this position as well. After all, they want that phallus REALLY bad. So bad they’ve been trying to legislate themselves into having a phallus since the earliest days of the feminist movement. Someday it’ll be enough right? The insecurity of women about their lack of a phallus is so great there is no remedy for this but a healthy romantic relationship. Sorry ladies that means tolerating men.

For Lacan, a person is only fully realized when they have a symbolic “phallus”. This is why he says that women aren’t real. They’ll spend their entire lives pursuing this symbolic “phallus” if you let them wander around aimlessly enough. Ramona Flowers? Is that you wandering around aimlessly?

Men are born with this phantasm protecting them, a guardian angel in the eyes of the woman, “privilege!” she screams, in awe of the symbolic “phallus” and it is just that, a phantasm that women project onto men. Men sort of just vibe around with this projection placed on their shoulders in the light of the “female gaze” let’s call it, ironically, much to the dismay of women everywhere. I hope Simone de Beauvoir is rolling in her grave.

Women are very very deeply angry at their mothers whom they were born to love and grow to dislike when they discover that their mother did not give them the greatest of gifts. A symbolic “phallus”. They get so angry about this that they develop daddy issues and begin to seek out symbolic “phalluses” that can stand to overthrow their father.

In the wake of that new, symbolic “phallus” the woman now has a new yard stick for which to measure new male prospects by. If she sees a bigger symbolic “phallus” she may gravitate towards it out of desire to secure a better father for her children, theoretical, imaginary, “fur baby” or otherwise. But of course, this is just the expansion of a projection of a phantasm they always had. Projected onto the sign that is the male sex.

You Don’t Hate Women, You Hate Capitalism

In the days of pre-industrial civilization, what was phallic and what was not was strictly codified. Men performed Y things and duties while women performed X things. Y hunts, X gathers for example. The list goes on. If you failed these duties in this period of time, you fell out of line then it was corporal punishment for you, sinner. Yes that’s an over simplification but just bear with me here.

Then, at the dawn of industrial capitalism, all that went away because machines make for better workers than men do. Machines do not care who operates them, they do all of the work. Money made for a better controller than God, since coal power killed him.

Men are bad workers because they have opinions and desires and will try and pursue independence and you gotta soothe their egos and make them feel like they’re a part of something, etc. Work in the eyes of men, must offer purpose and incentive. Without that, there’s no reason for them to work or follow you. In a world where money is God, you’ve gotta get men closer to God for them to participate in the system. When you offer men nothing, they will return nothing. Golden rule. The modern business executive is perhaps the worst leadership ever adopted by the West and these executives and decision makers have a sense of entitlement so gross that you can see just how big it is in the form of profit margins. Money is a metaphysical expression of confidence and faith.

All that stuff is bad for business. Incredibly inefficient. Women do the job better because they want to pretend to have a “phallus” so bad without having to give anything up. They’re downright giddy to do all of the novel things that men do that gives them power over them. Or at least this is what women think makes a man.

Women are also told that they’ll be given money for this, and up until relatively recently, only men were allowed to hold and spend that. They don’t care if it’s a little less, as much as they’ll scream and bitch, they won’t burn your factory down over it like men will. Is a paycheque inherently phallic? Not necessarily. But what women determine is phallic is determined first by their fathers, then by their subsequent significant others, their phallic replacements.

So why do women do the job better than men do? Because they were told that’s where the dicks hang out at dummy, and chicks love dick. It’s why women like sports bars now and cars and Marvel movies and video games. Sexual liberation means women can go where they want, which means castrating the traditionally phallic spaces with their presence alone. Because female presence dispels the phantasm of the phallus, and they must seek it out elsewhere. The projection ends when they get too close to the movie screen, so to speak.

The feminist push for “equality” with men is a push to chase the symbolic “phallus” they want so bad without having to give up anything on their end. It was never about equality but obviously you can’t say that because that’s mean. To quote Lacan once again;

“The very foundation of interhuman discourse is misunderstanding”

-Jacques Lacan, Seminar III, p. 184

So women will chase this hopeless dream believing that doing the things that men do will give them that status. Nobody will tell them this is wrong and when people have, they fly off the handle kicking and screaming at maximum volume. They’ll magically be considered an equal if they do the things that dicks do. So what is a male response to this? Well the same as the Romans and Greeks. Go gay. Women can’t take your dick away from you that way. Women can’t be gay materially. It’s impossible. They can be lesbians, but there’s no phallus to be gained there. Women aren’t allowed in the gay space because that would make it not gay and thus the illusion is lost. Unless of course they become FtM. Then they can certainly try and reach for an immaterial phantasm. However this is as hopeless as climbing a tree and saying you’re closer to the sky.

Capitalism is a “simp” for women. Feminism is the handmaiden of capitalism. Capital wants women to be everywhere so they can unconsciously and symbolically castrate all of their competition everywhere. Men also go where the chicks are, but men don’t stay where the chicks are. They show up, take what they want, and then leave. Women like to nest and settle down.

Capital’s desire for women is expressed metaphysically with declining wages in fields dominated by women. Part of symbolic “phallic” identity is being abusive towards women. So in true Stockholm Syndrome fashion, feminists learn to love the lash.

In the wake of this what is left for the shriveling symbolic “phallus”? “Where have all the good men gone?” asks the 30 year old single woman with seven cats. Nowhere, you just can’t tell the difference between men and women anymore because of your relentless pursuit for dick while refusing to let men have some alone time. The Patriarchy might be conspiring against you and the nosy nature of women demands that the liberated woman be allowed to see into all things that would become a boy’s club.

Incel Escape Routes

As women congregate into fields formerly dominated by phalluses, those fields become castrated. Women begin to see the men around them as smaller phalluses, since the essence of these spaces become more feminine and thus castrated. The phantasm, the projection, disappears when they open the door. And all that is found is the same thing men find; Nihilism.

Why do men work here again? Was this office always 80% female? Where have all the good men gone? The good men are gone because good men never existed. They were always a fantasy. I’m afraid Terry Pratchett may have been right about this. The only “good” men left are the ones that can act the part or the ones that buy their way to sainthood. When men are no longer the sublime object of the phallic fantasy, women are exposed to the incredibly real sight of the incel/castrated male, and women see what men have gone through throughout history, leading to women experiencing the exact same frustrations and ineptitude men have suffered under since the dawn of civilization.

They want the illusions back damnit, put the shadows back in the cave. Women can never have a symbolic “phallus” in the real. Only symbolically, which is why they’re supposed to be attracted to men in the first place. As much as FtMs would like to try and grow their own material “phallus”, they fall out of their dysphoria so often for a reason.

The incel AKA castrated male solutions to this are many. First we will start with the most well known. Become the only thing women will not possibly infiltrate or have a desire to pursue. Disgusting. The opposite of beautiful. Horrendous. Narcissists hate ugly things. Inceldom becomes among the last spaces for camaraderie in a form of collective social suicide, by making oneself as ugly as possible, even if one is presentable and blessed with good genetics. Social suicide is something women have always refused to do and never will do voluntarily at least if they are aware of it, women have been tricked plenty of times. The mad and ugly incels find unity in the struggle against feminine expressions in traditionally male spaces. Where these men fail, is in their own expression though. By getting angry they give the female satisfaction in her conquest, rather than just mogging them by out-performing them at every metric, encouraging them to leave the space due to intense competition. Women aren’t CEOs for a reason and women aren’t funny either.

Another response to this is the rise of male homosexuality because at least then a woman can’t take your dick away. Gay men can choose to be beautiful AND in control of the phallic phantasm. A man chooses to do that in a gay relationship. His hand is not forced by the female dispelling his the phantasm of the symbolic “phallus”. Women like gay men for a reason, what’s more symbolically phallic than TWO dicks? They extra can’t have that though because they’re only one person. Two dicks don’t fit on one person. As well, gays are an oppressed minority that deserve their own private spaces. Like gay bars and the military.

The final option for castrated men is becoming female yourself because the only thing Capital loves more than feminist handmaidens is bootlicking, compliant, dependent men. It’s a strike back against women from within the system. Women made the rules sexual, so men played by the game they made. Sending every woman satisfied with their conquest of male spaces into fits of rage and reeling back to, the kitchen of the internet. They are then chased by transbians into a cultural full retreat. MtFs are those brave and stupid souls going on cultural suicide missions into the spaces women have castrated and then trying to put a dick back where it belongs, poorly. Male transexuality is the first male counter-offensive to overwhelming female victory in the field of masculine phantasms. Welcome to competition baby, you wanted equality well here it is served up hot on a silver platter. I’m afraid the phantasms of the phallus are difficult to exorcise though and women can’t be priests in a fair amount of religions.

So why do men hold onto any sort of expression and experience so valuably like Gollum with the ring? Because women can never be a part of brotherhood, only romance. You’ll never be “one of the guys” ladies, sorry you’re stuck with the pit of snakes Eve condemned you all with. Women castrate men when they are held as equals. The Lacanian phantasm disappears entirely in female-majority spaces.

If these spaces are shared a woman might put Hello Kitty stickers on it and de-Phallus it. Male brotherhood has come to an end because women are so hellbent on harassing men at every opportunity and keeping them as atomized as they are while cherishing their feminine spaces as holy ground no male must enter for fear that they will be seen for what they truly are. Which is phallic desiring machines powered by a selfish form of narcissism.