Symbolic Satans: Where is Lucifer?

Once again going beyond good and evil

To answer the question in the title, it depends. The Ayatollah in Iran would tell you that America is Satan. In the myth of the American Progressive, Adolf Hitler is Lucifer, sanctioned by God for trying to ascend to the financial throne of the Anglo-American. In the eyes of the politician, they will tell you that Xi Jingping is Lucifer, for not playing by the rules of the United Nations.

Who is the biblical Lucifer? Lucifer is the enemy of God and the faithful. Why is he the enemy to them? Because he tried to steal God’s throne. To keep it brief anyways. To me, it sounds like God’s got a bit of an ego. He did after all make Man in his image. Only he can do that job and nobody else can, how dare somebody even try. It’s the largest case for an appeal to authority perhaps in history.

To say that Western society was influenced by the Bible and Biblical Christian myths is an understatement. In many ways, the Holy Trinity was the “father” of contemporary Western society. An imaginary, symbolic, and real oligarchy that shaped the culture and beliefs of hundreds of millions of individuals and their descendants. Among the most relevant and applicable myths in the modern day.

“Tell me who your enemy is and I will tell you what you believe”

Is a quote attributed to German political theorist, Carl Schmitt, who seems to have risen from his grave. Or maybe that’s just his influence on Chinese intelligentsia such as Jiang Shigong.

Once again to allude to the title of the article, Lucifer seems to be ever-present these days. To the advantage of every well disguised neo-puritan on the planet. But nowhere more-so in the eyes of Western governments than China. On the flip side of this, the Western public has a Lucifer all of their own in the form of Adolf Hitler.

The advantage to Adolf Hitler as Lucifer is the fact that he’s allowed to be the most defined myth in the public consciousness. Everyone you don’t like is possessed by the spirit of Adolf Hitler/Lucifer and must be a nazi/demon. Which dulls one’s capacity to think critically and most importantly, for oneself. Anybody CNN identifies as a nazi must be burned at the stake, cancelled, or otherwise harassed to the point of unemployability. Please don’t question this narrative, only a nazi and a traitor would do that.

The presidency of Donald Trump ingrained this mindset into the Western public, fully engaging the neo-Puritan sense of paranoia that has been present in America ever since Jamestown. CNN may have successfully waged the most successful war on public perception ever undertaken and placed a large enough portion of the public into an imaginary dark age of their own making. Not that this is an apology about Trump, but an observation of progressive reaction to his presidency which has launched a witch hunt searching for anybody that might have taken communion with the Cheeto Devil.

These Trump possessed demons are simultaneously everywhere and nowhere just like Islamic terrorists were under the Bush administration. The powers that be tested the premise on minorities first, just like America always has. First they went for the blacks, and if it was ok to do it to them, it’s ok to do it to everybody. To make another allusion, this is the same method of control that Christians once used to paint their enemies as being satanists, witches, or otherwise possessed by demonic spirits. The same Christians that founded America to begin with. America has never abandoned the Christian power structure and it is still utilized to this very day. All that has changed is the aesthetics.

The historic Adolf Hitler was simply your dime-a-dozen charismatic Machiavellian that’s been seen 1000 times before in history. The man is just that, a man. He’s not special. Hitler managed to call himself a socialist and promised the public a “guilt-free” (this backfired) method of a better life, and guilt is the main lever of control in civilizations that were raised by the Holy Trinity in their youth. For the Third Reich, this came in the form of Lebensraum and expansion eastward, where they would expel the parasites ruining their life. “Coincidentally”, everybody eastward of Germany was either a communist or a subhuman so it was very easy to paint them as demonic entities that must be exorcised by the German army. After their grand exorcism in the form of the holocaust, the plan from the SS was to move in to fulfill their destiny as a generation of what were called “wehrbauers” peasant soldiers that would settle the frontier just the same as Anglo-Americans once had during their colonization of the Americas. Except this would be done in the name of the state, rather than for Manifest Destiny, as had been done by their American inspiration.

The NSDAP general staff was dead set on opposing the system of international finance because it had worked so hard to keep Germans down. This came in the form of the Versailles treaty which many critics warned of. In many ways, the NSDAP strategies for economic recovery greatly resembled the foundation of the United States. NSDAP eugenics were even based off of an American eugenics program that saw much success in California. Everything the NSDAP was doing had been done before by Anglo-Americans slowly over the past 400 years, the difference was that the NSDAP was accelerating that with their use of technology into the span of just 12 years. Not only were they ahead of time technologically, but also in the form of their managerial doctrine, which has since surged all over the world.

So when Anglo-American governments looked and saw the Third Reich, they saw themselves in the mirror, they quickly rushed to shut that down because how dare Adolf Hitler ascend to God’s (Symbolized in the form of dominance over international finance) throne.

To wrap up here, in the eyes of the Western Progressive “Cathedral”, which is quickly becoming the new state religion, Lucifer can be identified by a handful of traits.

  • Genocidal maniac

  • Mythical destiny and past

  • Charismatic/Cult of personality

  • Opposition to communist/alternative neighbors

  • Capitalist disguised as a socialist

  • Opposes international finance

  • Highly interested in technology and "wunderwaffen”

Does this remind you of anybody you know? Sure Xi Jingping comes to mind. But what about in our own backyard? With Western eyes so securely fixated on the Big Other, currently represented by Chinese economic success. What about the Other Within? We can criticize China to hell and back but what about ourselves?

Lucifer the CEO

Everybody’s favorite “Technoking of Mars” has been making a lot of headlines recently, but he has made a lot of funny comments over the years. Remember that time when Elon Musk declared himself a socialist? In true Bismarckian fashion, he really only offers a little bit of socialism, just enough to keep the population in what Adam Curtis has called in his documentary series, Can’t Get You Out of my Head “A dream world”. This dream is of course made up of myths. He’s charismatic enough to have gone on SNL recently, and so charismatic that he has openly admitted to sending people to their certain deaths on hopeless rockets to Mars. Yet people still love the man and sing his praises. How many people will go at a time? Who will go? Based on what criteria? Etc.

The kinds of people that are permitted to become astronauts are typically the most skilled people a given population can feasibly train. Now why would somebody like Elon Musk want to put them all on rocket ships and send them very very far away? Elon’s a pretty smart fellow, he knows better than to keep useful folks around and the Martian climate looks a lot like Siberia to me. In addition to this, Elon has warned of a Malthusian collapse, reminiscent of British rhetoric during the Irish famines. Of course only he can solve this and only he can save civilization and if you don’t get on the rocket then you can enjoy the collapse at home that he promises will happen. Spend the investor cash on problems at home? No thanks, that sounds like somebody might have to make ethical or moral choices and we just don’t do that anymore. Bad for business.

Elon recently announced opposition to Bitcoin (while still holding of course) because it’s “bad for the environment”. He also announced just today that he might sell, he’s not sure if he will. Pretty good cop out for being responsible for abusing his cult of personality over the media, in this case Twitter. Jack Dorsey seems to be playing the role of Joseph Goebbels. Putting the pair of Luciferian figures into an appropriately symbolic, Vampire Castle where they manipulate public opinions in the form of Twitter. Just like Goebbels did for the Third Reich through TV and radio programmes.

This is not the first time Elon has abused his cult of personality to manipulate pricing. He has in the past manipulated the price of his company stocks via twitter. It should come as no surprise that he managed to do the same to Bitcoin likely for his own purposes as well. Elon has discovered pumping and dumping at the expense of a large number of players.

As if he were a sort of economic Pope, Elon just hops on twitter, makes a decree, and the masses following him echo his confidence or lack-there-of and sell when he sells, buys when he buys, etc. You don’t need a government when you have people invested directly with skin in the game. Following Elon is ultimately a choice, for the time being anyways.

Elon’s starting to look a bit like a Machiavellian and I am not so sure somebody that has to be on camera as much as he has been is gonna do a lot of public good. But we’re missing one last sign here, opposition to international finance. His interest in cryptocurrency is inherently anti-finance. The Biden administration will be pushing crypto holders in the United States to their very limits I suspect. Having a population independent of your money printers and debt scheme is not exactly good if you plan on making them your peons.

Elon Musk is not the only person guilty of this, however he is among the most public and open about it. Other wealthy figures such as Peter Thiel and Mike Novogratz seem to realize this as well, but don’t run the exact same media circus that Elon has, I can only assume because they have enough sense to know better. After all, it is billionaires who have the largest stake to gain by rejecting international finance. While international finance isn’t exactly in the favor of the public, in fact it’s quite harmful, I somehow doubt that replacing the institution with more billionaires is the answer.

It’s also the perfect time to capitalize upon having a geriatric, tech illiterate political class so content with their position that even Paul von Hindenburg could do a better job reigning in these power hungry elites.

In true plutocratic fashion, crypto holders seem to do spectacularly well at consolidating power between a handful of whales who determine the prices of these currencies through arbitration, artificial scarcity, and even just “meme value” (Looking at you $DOGE).

Deals with the Devil

Are we really willing to make another deal with the Devil just so we can say we beat the reds for a third time? China is hardly the communist state it was under Mao, in fact it’s about as fascist as the USA seems to want to become. Of course making another deal with the corporate devils will come once again at the expense of our own liberty. Another step towards neo-feudal serfdom.

Does this mean that Elon Musk is the anti-Christ and going to initiate World War 3? Likely not. But it does make him somebody worth questioning and auditing at every single opportunity.

Elon has a lot of concerning opinions about civilization that greatly resemble the 2008 bailout attitude. “Do the thing I want or civilization will collapse in X years.” is the essence of this. This is a false dichotomy and exactly what the British said during their days of imperialism. That civilization is somehow mandatory and required or else bad things happen and also he is the only person capable of doing something about it. Despite the fact that people have lived without civilization, quite contently in the past, but losing the safety net of civilization is somehow bad. Yeah, bad for the ruling class.

Just like the British monarchs, Elon and the billionaire class want the public to go back to sleep again and live in the dream world of decadence where money isn’t fake, work is mandatory, and war is permanent. Take your bread and games and SSRIs and stop trying to self actualize.

Westerners seem to be stuck in quite a conundrum. Institutional power is at an all-time high and government power is practically non-existent since each and every politician is simply lobbied into compliance with the interests of corporate owners. Every single democratic “check and balance” was simply overwhelmed with cash and wills to power, which are now becoming strained. Why is it then that the people are forced to choose between private or public owners grabbing all of the technology they can get their hands on with which to play God and lull the public back into a blissful dream state?

Instead of looking for a new master in the form of the Luciferian CEOs in place of mistreatment by God (symbolizing the status quo), perhaps one should abandon the mentality of master and slave entirely. The next time the public is lulled to back to sleep, may be the last. With designer drugs and VR technology, humanity may never wake from when we are next lulled to sleep.