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Greetings Dear Reader,

Subcultural Research Lab (SRL) is a group of free-thinking and relatively like minded individuals obsessed with the political, cultural, subcultural, economic, and technological landscape across the globe. Originally started as an unindexed web forum, SRL has now arrived on the clear web because you can only argue with the same people on .onion based Cambodian Hieroglyphics Forums for so long before you have to do something else.

I cannot in good faith recommend the subscribe feature of this publication yet, as we are only just getting started and our feet wet, but please do keep an eye. Or if you’re feeling particularly philanthropic, smash that subscribe button at your own risk. Currently, if you wish to support the publication, there will be a paypal donation link on most, if not all posts, until we figure out a more agreeable subscription option. No deadline on that yet, so don’t get your hopes up.

Readers can expect all publications made here to be freely available, with subscription and donations being entirely voluntary. If you don’t want to donate, no problem. You can still read everything. I can promise that will never change under the current management.

It is our hope here at SRL that readers will be able to create context within their own personal lives after reading the content here. In the age of digital society, there is more information bombarded at an individual than ever, each claiming to preach the truth. So how does one discern fact from fiction these days when everyone's got a source?

Only one way to find out. I look forward to our journey together, Dear Reader.

Your’s Truly,

Subcultural Research Lab.

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